Lisa Ziegert's mother reacts to seeing daughter's accused murderer back in court

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A 23-and-a-half year-old murder case continues to get national attention.

Lisa Ziegert was a 24-year-old teacher from Agawam - young, smart, beautiful her murder is still a mystery to her family.

They're continuing their call for anyone to come forward with information.

Lisa's body was found on Easter Sunday in 1992 four days after she vanished from her second job.

Her story is now gaining renewed attention thanks to a crime show that profiled her case and now Western Mass News is learning Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni has sent DNA to a forensic analysis service. It’s all giving Lisa’s family a boost of hope for new leads.

"Get this person off the street, give Lisa her justice and protect the other people," said Lisa’s mother, Dee Ziegert.

It's a nightmare Dee and her family have been living for more than 23 years now.

"She will be gone to us longer than we had her," Dee said.

Lisa's remains were found four days after she went missing. Clues left at the wooded crime scene off Suffield Street in Agawam have never led to a suspect or an arrest, only rumors that Dee says don't help lead to Lisa's killer.

Now, after a national show, Crime Watch Daily, profiled Lisa's case, Dee is hoping that, coupled with new DNA testing can lead to renewed tips in to investigators.

"That's very warming to us, she's not forgotten, but the advancement in 23-and-a-half years of testing DNA, testing anything, any forensics has come so far," Dee said.

Lisa vanished while working at her second job at a gift store on Walnut Street Extension. She told friends and her sister in the days leading up to her disappearance she felt like she was being watched. It's strange details like that, no matter how minute, that Dee wants people to think about and report.

"Any tip that you think is so inconsequential, it could start the tip."

DNA found at the crime scene has been sent to a DNA forensic analysis service. It claims to be able to build a person's identity - their hair color, eye color, ethnicity, face shape - just from someone's DNA.

While Dee and her family wait for the results, she says she sometimes wonders who Lisa would be today -47-years-old, maybe a mom herself.

"If she had her way she would've been a mom and would’ve been a good one, would've been a lot of fun...until we die it's never too late to see justice for Lisa."

If you have any information, no matter how small it may seem you can call the State Police Detective Unit at (413)505-5993 or watch Crime Watch Daily’s report here, which includes a hotline for tips.

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