Janna Brown

Janna Brown

Like most meteorologists, Janna was hooked on weather at a very young age. She grew up in southern New Jersey and saw a few big storms that scared her to death.

Janna's father told her how in the Midwest the sky would turn green before tornadoes developed-this sparked curiosity that would develop into a passion by the time she was a teenager.

Janna was researching colleges before her first day of high school and decided on Lyndon State in northern Vermont. There, her passion for severe weather and storm chasing shifted and she became interested in television and broadcasting weather to the public.

Not long after graduating with a degree in meteorology, she took her first job as a freelancer for News 12 Traffic and Weather in Woodbury, NY. For four years she freelanced for the morning and evening weathercasts for five television stations across the New York City metro area.

Janna took her first full time job back in 2010 as the morning meteorologist for WVVA-TV in Bluefield, WV, where she would go on to work for six years and served as their chief meteorologist for four of those years.

The craziest weather she's seen and forecasted includes a tornado in Brooklyn, NY, Hurricane Sandy which socked WV with heavy snow, the 2012 derecho, and the 2016 flood that devastated parts of southern West Virginia.

Janna is so happy to be back in New England and working for Western Mass News! She brings her Philly sports pride with her, along with her three cats and two dog, or 'traveling zoo'. You can usually find her at a game with her husband or watching football, hockey or baseball, playing golf, taking pictures, or playing with the pup at the dog park!